Strategic Vision

Raising Public Consciousness

The first step of DSI’s vision is to create an app that enables people and organizations to evaluate the policy performance of elected leaders at the federal, state, and local levels using government data. With filters for policy category, level of government, year, and demographic categories, users can identify policy concerns, assess their prevalence in society, and determine which elected leaders are responsible. This tool raises the consciousness of the public by putting detailed, organized information about leaders and policy outcomes in the hands of everyday people.

Engaging Accountability Mechanisms

With a more detailed understanding of government efforts and societal outcomes, citizens and organizations will be empowered to strategically hold leaders accountable through a variety of accountability mechanisms.

Improving Societal Outcomes for the Masses

With adequate information about the performance of leaders, intentional strategies for engaging accountability mechanisms, and collective efforts to pursue effective solution, we can improve societal outcomes for citizens nationwide and strengthen the future of American democracy.

Alt Text: slide titled strategic-vision, shows a flow chart of raise public consciousness, engage accountability mechanisms, pursue intentional solutions, and ending in improve societal outcomes